Why inspect?

By law, an inspection is not required as part of buy-sell transaction of a real estate property whether it be a single family home, multi-family building or a commercial structure. Than why do people choose to render a professional inspection service?
Because a professional inspection service adds a lot of value for its cost and both the buyer and the seller benefits from it.

A home inspection for single family residential homes is utilized at such a high scale throughout entire country, that inspectors are required to obtain a license to provide home inspection services in many states.

In Texas, the licensing requirements are mandated by TREC, Texas Real Estate Commission. Whether you hire KeenEye for any other inspection company, the individual home inspector providing service on your property must be licensed to do so by TREC.

Please visit TREC’s website to learn more about it!

Our Services

Comprehensive Home Inspection:

Our Comprehensive Home Inspection is a 5 star home inspection experience provided to all our home inspection clients. The inspection not only meets TREC requirements, but it exceeds them. As part of this inspection, we focus on foundations, grading, drainage, building structure, envelop (exterior facade), roof, interiors, windows, doors, attic structure and ventilation, appliances, electrical, plumbing, HVAC system etc.
We also inspect, at client’s request, less common elements such as radon, wood destroying insects, sprinkler systems, swimming pool, hot tubs, water softener system, septic system, water well system.

New Construction – Phase Inspection:

As the name speaks for itself, this is an inspection service for new construction homes. Many buyers of new construction homes believe that there is no need of such inspection service because what can really go wrong with a brand new construction? The answer is ‘a lot’. Many home builders dedicate their time and efforts in abiding by building codes, and meeting City Inspector’s satisfaction, but many times there are things missed or overlooked by accident. The phase inspection helps the client in capturing such missed or overlooked items. Our Phase Inspections typically include 3 phases. Phase-1 (Pre-pour) Inspection, Phase-2 (Pre-cover) Inspection, and Phase-3 (Pre-closing) Inspection. Contact us today to learn more details about scope of each inspection, and how much value it brings to your home buying experience.

Warranty Inspection:

A newly built house, that is built to last 50+ years, may not have any signs of deficiencies on first day of occupancy. But it is expected that most of malfunctions or poor workmanship or faulty materials will surface during first year of use. As such, a one year general warranty is a very common practice for new construction homes in many states. A warranty inspection helps in following up with all major and minor elements which may require remedy in order to avoid hefty repair or replacement costs down the road.

Infrared Thermal Imaging:

Infrared is an extremely powerful and helpful technology. Infrared Thermography brings great value to home inspections, whether it be an older home, fairly new home, or new construction home. Under TREC guidelines, a TREC licensed home inspector is not required to use Infrared Technology, thus many home inspectors are not equipped with this technology nor do they educate their clients on the value of it. At KeenEye, we are equipped with top of the line Infrared cameras by FLIR, and we are Certified Infrared Thermographers (CRT). All our complete home inspections include Infrared Thermography of all interior walls, ceilings, and above ground floors.

WDI (aka Termite) Inspections:

Count on us for a one-stop shop, full service home inspection service for your residential real estate purchase. Wood Destroying Insects are very common in Texas and southern region on Texas. Do not miss out on your opportunity to have your house inspected by a Licensed WDI Inspector who can identify active, previous or potential infestations, and recommend corrective action.

Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections:

Many homes have their own in-ground swimming pool, spa or hot-tub. Under TREC guidelines, a TREC licensed home inspector is not required to inspect these elements. At KeenEye, we thrive in making home inspection a complete and hassle free experience for our clients. We not only inspect Swimming Pool & Spa, but we are certified in that.

Foundation Elevation Review:

Due to expansive soil conditions, most of residential slab foundations are prone to having severe foundation issues over time. We offer Foundation Elevation Review using our state-of-the-art fully digital level equipment. We provide a sketch of first floor of the house with elevations of corners of the house as well as significant areas with reference to a benchmark central to the floor. This vital information helps in determining if the slab has moved or settled in a manner that causes adverse impact on the structure.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection:

Unlike a conventional home inspection rendered by buyers, a pre-listing inspection is a service rendered by sellers. Many times, this is looked at as an unnecessary expense and does not motivate the sellers. However, many well reputed realtors are highly recommending this to their seller clients which helps them address most common and obvious issues ahead of time, thereby saving them time consuming negotiations or delay in selling of their home.

A pre-listing home inspection is usually not as detailed and thorough as a general home inspection because its primary objective is to identify most obvious and most costly deficiencies, if any. As such, it usually costs much less than a general home inspection.

Rehab Inspections, Relocation Inspections, Specialty Inspections:

We also provide Rehab inspections, Relocation inspections as well as Specialty inspections. Real Estate has been a robust, continuously evolving industry with several different out of the box transactions, specially with innovative investors. So we understand that the home inspection service cannot be a conventional, one size fits all either. As such, we offer exactly what you (the customer) want when it comes to Rehab and Specialty Inspections. Relocation inspections are becoming common as it becomes more and more common for large corporations to move their staff from one location to another. Once again, we would like to work with the relocation companies in meeting their expectations.

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